IC announces results of “Cultural Ambassadors Programme – Mascot Design Contest”

Date of publication: 01/02/2019
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Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) and co-organized by the Macao Illustrators Association, the “Cultural Ambassadors Programme – Mascot Design Contest” earned an enthusiastic response and received a total of 138 entries. After a rigorous selection process, winning and finalist works were selected. The 1st Prize was awarded to the work by Lai Hoi Ieng, two Special Prizes were awarded to the works by Hoi Tak Kuan and Che Sin Teng, and two Finalist Prizes were awarded to the works by Wong Ieok Chao and Chio Ut Sim. The first-prize winning design will become the mascot of the Programme, which will also serve as the leader of the Programme in its first edition, joining the cultural ambassadors to promote the image of “cultural Macao”.

The “Cultural Ambassadors Programme”, which consists of the “Endorsement Project” and the “Seed Project”, has been officially launched by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, aiming to enhance Macao residents’ knowledge of Chinese tradition and local culture as well as their sense of pride and belonging through various means. The “Mascot Design Contest”, a pilot project of the “Cultural Ambassadors Programme”, called for submission of works since last December. A total of 138 entries were received during the submission period of more than one month. The adjudicating panel was comprised of design professionals and representatives of the IC, including Associate Professor of the School of Arts of the Macao Polytechnic Institute, Chung Kui Sing; the Programme Director of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the Macau University of Science and Technology, Huang Guanghui; the Director of the Macau Poster Design Association, Lei Hou Keong; the Vice Director of the Macau Designers Association, Hong Ka Lok; and the representative of the Head of Division of Cultural Promotion of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Lam Si Ian, who selected the winning entries based on criteria including relevance to the theme, feasibility of production, design concept, aesthetics and creativity. The winning mascot will be introduced to the public in the opening ceremony of Cultural Ambassadors Programme on 7 April.

More information on the winning works of the “Mascot Design Contest” will be published later on the “Cultural Ambassadors Programme” webpage at www.icm.gov.mo/pec, and the winners will be notified personally by the Organizer. For enquiries, please contact staff member of IC, Ms Sio, through tel. no.8399 6473 during office hours.