ARTwarming Winter at CCM
Wrapping up a year of many joys

Date of publication: 18/10/2019
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The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is launching the “ARTwarming Winter”, a string of performances that will keep families close to the performing arts at the year end. Taking place at CCM’s Small Auditorium from the end of December to early January, this edition will inspire a vast audience with music and theatrical productions from Macao and overseas.

20.12.2019 -------------------------The Sound of Nature: Singing Club in Concert

Celebrating the end of yet another cycle of shows and community activities with an array of lively tunes, CCM’s Singing Club steps on stage to perform the most exciting moment of the season. At this year’s annual concert, the young choristers will immerse the family and friends in a natural environment   featuring meaningful tunes performed in a variety of styles. With a song line-up adorned by choreographed moves, the concert will evoke the sounds of nature, from soothing rain drops in the forest, wild animal life, without forgetting the tradition of Christmas carols. To recap some of this year’s adventures and excitement, the little singers will screen a short video sharing the experiences they lived throughout another prolific season.

27-29.12.2019------------------------------Shh! We Have a Plan (Northern Ireland)

Brought by the Cahoots NI theatre, Shh! We have a plan is a tale without words featuring music and puppetry, following the journey of a madcap bunch on their crazy race to capture an elusive bird perched high on a tree. Based on the well-known book by Chris Haughton, this family adventure in the woods takes the audience to reflect on freedom and kindness. Founded in 2000, the Northern Irish children’s theatre has been acclaimed in Ireland, the UK, North America and Asia. The company has been sharing their experiences for tiny tots using movement, circus, music and visual effects, for an ever-growing audience.

In parallel to their performances, the Cahoots NI theatre will of workshops, introducing the fun of storytelling and simple puppetry techniques to young kids and families.

31.12.2019-05.01.2020 -------------------The Garden of Spirited Minds (Sweden)

Babies are invited to enjoy a sensorial, multi-artistic experience at The Garden of Spirited Minds. The tiny audience will move freely, savouring multiple perspectives, exploring, relaxing and choosing their own ways to engage with a mysterious small world. Created by Serbian Swedish artist Dalija Thelander, this new visual experience for babies is set in the format of a soothing installation inspired by organic forms. Spanning from the late 1990’s to the present time, between Belgrade and Stockholm, the choreographer’s career has been entirely devoted to initiate babies into the performing arts. Interlacing movement and dance with relaxing music, visual and tactile stimulation amongst natural smells, the performance challenges the audience to react along with what they will find on stage.

Tickets for all “ARTwarming Winter” programmes will be available from October 20 (Sunday) at CCM’s box office and Macao Ticketing Network outlets, available at various discounts. For details please visit CCM’s website at or call (853) 2840 0555.




Photo Credit:Fernando Molin