2018 Macao International Parade presents huge balloons of various mythological and folklore figures
Spectacular fireworks at Sai Van Lake

Date of publication: 16/12/2018
Type: Macao International Parade

Organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), the “2018 Macao International Parade”, celebrating the 19th Anniversary of Macao’s handover to China, was held on Sunday, 16 December. The closing performance was held at the Sai Van Lake Square in the evening, offering lively and cheerful performances by artistic groups. Huge balloons of various mythological and folklore figures of China and eight Portuguese-speaking countries appeared in the sky, while spectacular fireworks was set up at the Macao Tower, celebrating the handover.

In the closing performance, artistic groups took to the stage one by one. A number of huge balloons of various mythological and folklore figures appeared in the sky, representing different magical powers gathered in Macao such as love, inheritance, esteem, respect, protection, eternity, justice, gratitude, compassion and dedication. Spectacular fireworks were also held at the Macao Tower. The audience was enthusiastically responded, celebrating the handover together.

This year, the Parade presented ten figures of the mythology and folklore of China, Macao and eight Portuguese-speaking countries, which represented the cultural essence of the respective countries and regions and promoted the Parade as an exchange platform for culture and arts.