Children’s theatre at CCM
A windy journey loved by the little ones

Date of publication: 04/01/2019
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The Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, presented yesterday the last show of Loo. The poetic children’s theatre was applauded through seven sold out shows, performed from December 28 to the 30 at the Small Auditorium.

Brought by Spanish troupe Ponten Pie, the performance took kids and parents on an adventurous journey, carried by a mysterious force coming from exotic lands – the hot and powerful wind called Loo travelled all the way from the plains of India and Pakistan. Specially created for boys and girls between two and five years old, this sensorial experience without words enchanted the audience sitting very close to the action, with a magical tale of wonderful props, lighting design, music, and lively acting on stage. The after show playing session brought in additional joy, giving the little ones the chance to mess with and explore the props and sands in the performance.

Loo was the last performance in the ARTwarming Winter, a string of programmes conceived to entertain and inspire families throughout the festive season. The series also included the Annual Concert by Macao Cultural Centre Children’s Choir and Narrow by the Belgium Laika Theatre.