Cultural Affairs Bureau’s 2019 desk calendar embodies collaboration between literature and illustration sectors, boosting cultural promotion

Date of publication: 09/01/2019
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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), launched the 2019 desk calendar under the theme “Cultural Promotion.Light Up Your Life”, which was designed and illustrated by local young illustrator Lam Ieong Kun and edited by 12 literary practitioners from Pen of Macau. This cross-sector collaboration showcases the local creativity, ushering the public into a year of good life in the light of culture.

There are many fields in cultural sector, and cultural practitioners take the mission of promoting culture. IC’s 2019 desk calendar takes 12 professional fields as theme in the illustration: Cultural Ambassadors Programme, docents of cultural facilities, performing arts teachers, museum promoters, disseminators of library knowledge, cultural recorders, musicians, behind-the-scenes staff, archived documents restoration technicians, librarians of ancient books, transmission of intangible cultural heritage item skills, cultural heritage inspectors and technical restoration specialists, lively illustrating the characteristics of each profession. The calendar is illustrated in bright and harmonious colours, and has pleasant characters and a lively depiction by literary practitioners. It not only enhances the public’s understanding about cultural works and promotes the harmony of culture and life, but also allows the public to feel the power of cultural promotion in the daily life.

Lam Ieong Kun, a post-90s local illustrator, was invited to design this desk calendar. He won a number of awards, including the Gold Award of the 3rd Macao Contemporary Illustrations Competition, “The Best Illustration (Judges' Choice)” of the 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards and the “Best of the Best” of the Hiiibrand Awards, among others. The 12 literary practitioners who contributed in the 2019 desk calendar include Chao Kuan I, Joe Lei, Lydia Ieong, Rai Mutsu, Li I, Gaaya Cheang, Kerik Lam, Lei I Leong, Kuan Ka Hei, Terry Kuan, Tang Keng Pan and Terence Hun. The desk calendar is themed around “Cultural Promotion.Light Up Your Life” and has a specific theme of each month, transmitting the interpretation of culture.

IC has introduced the 2019 desk calendar on new media platforms and has launched a lucky draw on the “IC Art” page on Facebook, which attracted nearly 1,000 people to participate and received an enthusiastic response. IC has increased the number of free desk calendars from 50 to 200. The list of winners was published on “IC Art” page on Facebook. The IC will continue the second round of promotional games on the new media, through the page of Macao International Parade, Macao Arts Festival, Macao International Music Festival and Macao City Fringe Festival on Facebook. Residents are welcome to participate the games on the respective pages to win the desk calendar.

In addition, IC will distribute desk calendars from 14 to 16 January. Residents can obtain the calendar at the Mandarin’s House, Macao Museum of Art, Cinematheque.Passion, Macao Central Library (Tap Siac), Patane Library, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, S. Lourenço Library, Wong Ieng Kuan Library in Areia Preta Urban Park, Taipa Library during office hours. Each person is limited to one calendar, subject to availability. Distribution is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be aware of the opening hours of cultural facilities. For more information, please contact IC through tel. no. 83996699 or visit the IC’s webpage at