Thirty-second issue of C² discusses the creation and publication of zines

Date of publication: 02/04/2019
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Published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and produced by Like Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd., the thirty-second issue ofMagazine will be released tomorrow (3 April).

A zine is a type of independent publication that embraces creative freedom in content and form. In recent years, the zine has entered the physical publishing market with vigour and vitality. Despite not being produced and published on a large scale, zines have attracted many hipsterish readers with their unique book design. In the “Features” section, the founders of Something Moon Design (Macao), Pon Ding bookstore (Taiwan) and monthly zine Fong Fo (Mainland China) are invited to talk about their experiences of creating and publishing zines and share their opinions on the future development of the publications.

In the “Close-up” section, Lin Hsiang Chun, owner of the local independent bookstore Júbilo 31 Books, shares her experience of operating the independent bookstore. In the “Local Force” section, local minority publishing groups Macao Outersky Poet Association and Dialect talk about how to practise creativity and seek exposure and survival through book publication. In the “Blogs” section, seven columnists, namely Lo Che Ying, Tracy Choi, Lam Sio Man, Un Sio San, Ron Lam, Yap Seow Choong and Johnny Tam, continue to share their unique perspectives on the development of the cultural and creative industries.

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