Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2019 opens in May
promoting the integration of museums in the community

Date of publication: 02/05/2019
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In order to celebrate the International Museum Day on 18 May, 14 museums in Macao co-organize the annual “Macao International Museum Day Carnival”, themed “The Mobile Museum – Praia Grande x Cultural Hub”. The opening ceremony will be held on 12 May, at 3pm, at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, and will be attended by representatives of cultural entities from Guangdong Province, the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government and its affiliated museums. The general public is welcome to attend the ceremony.

The press conference was held on 2 May, at the Macao Science Center and representatives of Macao museums presented various activities featured in this edition of the Carnival. Representative of the Department of Exhibitions and Museums, Cultural Affairs Bureau: Director of the Macao Museum, Loi Chi Pang; the Deputy Curator of the Macao Science Center, Sylvester, Cheong Hung Fat; the Chief Curator of the Communications Museum, Olivia Wong; the Acting Director of the Macao Museum of Art and of the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, Leong Sek Min; the representative of the Grand Prix Museum and of the Wine Museum: Head of the Division of the Facilities Management of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Lei Wan Wai; the representative of the Fire Services Museum: 1st Class Chief, Lao Hou Wai; the Director of the Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, Lei Keng Lam and the Acting Director of the Maritime Museum, Sit Kai Sin.

The theme chosen by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for the International Museum Day 2019 is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”, which in the broader sense suggests giving new meaning to traditions, including creating a communication platform where the public can co-create and share. Macao museums decided to hold opening ceremony of the Macao International Day at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, where a series of events will be rolled out. Themed “The Mobile Museum – Praia Grande x Cultural Hub”, the Carnival is aimed at breaking through the geographical barriers between museums and injecting them with new vitality by connecting them through the history of Praia Grande. It not only reflects the unique culture of Macao, but also gathers creativity to create synergies at the International Day Carnival.

On that day, the museums will host a rich variety of activities, including VR racing experience next to Nam Van Lake, the storytelling activity “The History and Evolution of the Streets in Praia Grande”, the workshop “Pedal Boat in Nam Van Lake, Clay, Music Box”, “Workshop of Miniatures of Macanese dishes in resin clay”, “Workshop of miniatures of dragon boats in resin clay”, “DIY craft workshop with recycled wine bottle for families”, “Tung Sin Tong Aqua-beads Decoration Workshop”, a watercolour workshop on Nam Van scenery with Lai Ieng for families, “DIY Workshop with wallets and non-woven fabric wallets and a stamp-themed workshop “King’s Castle”. In addition, the current exhibition featuring 3D printing technology at the educational section of the exhibition “Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum” held at the Macao Museum of Art, part of programme of “Art Macao”, will be moved to Anim’Arte NAM VAN for public exhibition during the Carnival. The Carnival also features game booths designed with diverse themes, such as “Understanding Cultural Relics of Western Xia Dynasty”, “Swerving in Car Race”, “Magical Science of Mechanical Clocks” and fire safety. Prior registration is required for some activities. All residents are also welcome to participate.

The “Macao International Museum Day Carnival 2019” is jointly organized by the Grand Prix Museum, the Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, the Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business, the Fire Services Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Communications Museum, the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, the Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macao, the Macao Science Center, the Macao Museum, the Macao Museum of Art, the Wine Museum and the Taipa Houses. In May, each museum will also organize other celebrations, exhibitions and workshops, as well as a schedule for free visits for the public. For more information, please visit the “Museums in Macao” website at, follow the WeChat official account of the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macao Government Tourism Office, or contact IC through tel. no. 8988 4000 during office hours.