Life and Work of the Chinese People's Musician, Xian Xinghai, featured in the latest issue of RCI57

Date of publication: 16/05/2019
Type: Publication

This issue of Review of Culture , International Edition  brings together a series of works focusing on the life and work of prominent figures.

Christina Miu Bing Cheng writes on a son of Macao, Chinese musician Xian Xinghai. Song Haoyan reveals the musical activities of Portuguese Jesuit Tomás Pereira, and Clara Sarmento examines the four great categories of the feminine in the Letters and Writings of missionary Francisco Xavier. The literary estate of historian and journalist José Maria Braga (Jack Braga) and his activity as a radio broadcaster in Macao during the Sino-Japanese War are themes explored by Leonor Diaz de Seabra and Tang Io Weng respectively.

In the historiographical field, Geoffrey C. Gunn offers new interpretations on the life and times of Portuguese political deportees in East Timor. Finally, in the module dedicated to the literary heritage of China, Giorgio Sinedino presents a pioneering study in Portuguese, mainly on the translation and commentary of the main preface to the "Literary Selections" by Xiao Tong, Prince Zhaoming of the Liang Dynasty.

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