Macao Creative Pavilion receives two outstanding awards at the 15th ICIF

Date of publication: 22/05/2019
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) recently organized the participation of Macao’s cultural and creative companies in the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), and the Macao Creative Pavilion was awarded the “Outstanding Exhibition Award” and the “Outstanding Organization Award” at the closing and award ceremony on 20 May. It is the tenth consecutive year that the Macao Creative Pavilion has garnered these two awards.

IC has organized the participation of Macao’s cultural and creative sector in the ICIF since 2006, and has jointly designed the Macao Creative Pavilion with local design teams under different themes each year. Under the theme “Macao creativity: gastronomy and community creativity” this year, the Pavilion showcased seven local distinctive shops which have revamped their branding by means of creative design, introducing the city’s culinary culture to visitors. The design was based on the “Macao Light Festival”, which reflected the bloom of the cultural and creative industries in a city characterised by multiculturalism. In the Pavilion, a house-shaped timber structure was set up as a little cultural and creative factory, with a variety of themes painted on the walls to show Macao’s creative gastronomy and handicrafts.

This year, the Macao Creative Pavilion, as part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Industries Hall, demonstrated the achievements of the synergetic development of the cultural industries in the Greater Bay Area. With a total of over 7.8 million visitors at the main halls, pavilions and related events, the 15th ICIF has made a positive and encouraging impact on Macao’s cultural and creative sector in regards to promoting the city’s cultural and creative brands, introducing Macao’s exhibitors to the Mainland market and broadening their sales channels.