Review of Culture, International Edition (RCI) brings into focus the Historic Centre of Macao as World Heritage

Date of publication: 16/07/2019
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Issue no. 58, Review of Culture, International Edition (RCI) includes a selection of communications presented on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Historic Center of Macao as World Heritage during the International Academic Seminar on the Conservation of the Culture Heritage, which was jointly organised by Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR government and Centre for Macau Studies of the University of Macau.

The chapter devoted to historiography features the 16thcentury perspective of China according to João de Barros, a chronicler of Portuguese expansion, as well as a study on Nagasaki and its relationship with Macao issue analyzed having as background the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

Hon-Fai Chen’s last monograph entitled “Catholics and Everyday Life in Macau: Changing Meanings of Religiosity, Morality, and Civility” is the subject of a review.

The module dedicated to Chinese Classical Literature closes this Issue, with a commented translation of another work by erudite Chinese writer Ji Kang, entitled "Qin Fu" or "On the Qin Zither”, , which is accompanied by an essay exploring how a critical and comparative method is applied to the philosophy and history of China and the West concepts.

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