Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau launches 25th issue of Books and the City

Date of publication: 14/01/2021
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The 25th issue of Books and the City, published by the Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is now available to the public. Themed “Fun Reading for Children”, this issue explores the cultivation of reading culture among children in Macao, and analyzes the current situation of family reading and its market are being developed in the city through information shared by relevant associations and education specialists.

In this issue, the “Library Portrait” column features an interview with staff of Library of the Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, which has a collection of professional medical books which few Macao residents know of; the section “Library Handbook” introduces the “Database of Foreign Language Periodicals Collection”, which allows readers to access old newspapers in foreign languages, and read articles from the past travelling in time, and review the trajectory of changes in Macao; the section “Library Wonder Why” introduces the multimedia room and the Internet service which facilitate readers' access to library computers and internet services; in the section “Author’s Say”, Loi Chon Lei, the editor-in-chief of the book Story of Women Workers in Macau Garment Industry, shares the difficulties and breakthroughs in the creative process, and how this gives opportunity to the new creative team to meet seniors who worked in the related industry; the section “New Launch” introduces a rich variety of new arrivals, including books, movies, music and magazines. In addition, this issue also features 10 briefs yet insightful book reviews in Chinese, Portuguese and English.

A total of 3,000 copies of Books and the City are available free of charge at all the branch libraries under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, tertiary education institutions, Tap Seac Gallery and several bookstores as well as cultural and art spaces in Macao. The past 24 issues are also accessible on the Macao Public Library website at