Department of Performing Arts Development

1. The Department of Performing Arts Development is responsible for:

1) Collaborating in the process of drafting a policy for the development of the performing arts;

2) Promoting the development of the performing arts in the MSAR;

3) Proposing policies for the training of local cadres in the field of arts management;

4) Planning and developing spaces earmarked for diverse performances and artistic events, with a view to promoting and enhancing popular participation in the process of artistic development;

5) Ensuring the necessary conditions for the expansion and promotion of the Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra;

6) Creating mechanisms for granting and supervising financial support for cultural and artistic projects and supporting the long-term professional development of individuals and groups dedicated to cultural and artistic activities;

7) Supporting artistic groups and individuals that carry out cultural activities and assessing the results;

8) Supporting public services and other public and private entities in the setting up and organisation of cultural shows.

2. The Department of Performing Arts Development comprises the Division of Recreational Activities, the Division of Performing Arts and the Macao Cultural Centre.

Tap Siac Square, Cultural Affairs Bureau Building, Macao
Tel: (853) 2836 6866
Fax: (853) 2836 6808


Division of Recreational Activities

The Division of Recreational Activities is responsible for:

1) Organising events that contribute to the preservation of cultural manifestations and local folk customs;

2) Promoting and supporting the organisation of urban entertainment activities and artistic and cultural manifestations, as part of urban festivities, with a view to the enrichment of the cultural life of the population;

3) Collaborating with other public services in the organisation and promotion of activities in the field of performing arts.


Division of Performing Arts

The Division of Performing Arts is responsible for:

1) Promoting the creation and revitalization of spaces earmarked for performing arts activities;

2) Encouraging groups and cultural agents for the creation and publication of works, as well as supporting and promoting the creation of community cultural centres, in order to foster an environment that is conducive to new artistic experiences;

3) Promoting art and culture, as well as art education;

4) Promoting programmes and activities aimed at improving the quality of art managers of local artistic and cultural groups;

5) Encouraging local artistic and cultural groups to develop a common platform aimed at introducing art in the community and allowing local cultural identity to take root.


Macao Cultural Centre

1. The Macao Cultural Centre is responsible for:

1) Coordinating, planning and managing the spaces under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Bureau that are earmarked for the production of shows;

2) Ensuring the organisation of activities related to theatre, cinema, dance, music, opera, as well as other performances and artistic and cultural events;

3) Coordinating with other public and private entities in the organisation of performing arts activities.

2. The rules of use of the spaces mentioned in point 1) are established by internal regulations, approved by Order of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, to be published in the Official Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

3. The Macao Cultural Centre is headed by a Director, with equivalent status to a Head of Division.