Division of Research and Publications

The Division of Research and Publications is responsible for:

1) Contributing to the formulation of cultural policies;

2) Proposing and coordinating studies and research, according to the cultural development needs of the MSAR, as well as establishing support and promotion schemes;

3) Coordinating and supporting the organisation of activities related to research projects developed in accordance with the provisions of point 2);

4) Publishing the results of studies and research carried out under the support of the Cultural Affairs Bureau;

5) Planning and coordinating the production of publications of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, as well as ensuring their management, promotion, distribution and sale;

6) Promoting literary creation and supporting the study, research and promotion of local literary works;

7) Collecting, organising and preserving the literary heritage related to the MSAR;

8) Coordinating the use of spaces and facilities aimed at the development of literary projects, under the supervision of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Division of Research and Publications, Cultural Affairs Bureau of the MSAR Government, Av. Praia Grande No. 567, 12/F, BNU Building, Macao, China
Tel: (853) 2836 6866
Fax: (853) 2836 6806
Email: webmaster@icm.gov.mo