Cultural Affairs Bureau announces the list of entrants for the second review of the “8th Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making”

Date of publication: 29/09/2020
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from its Portuguese acronym) has recently completed the initial review of the “8th Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making”. A total of 27 entries were received, and the adjudicating panel selected 15 entries for the second review. Each candidate eligible for the second review will be granted a subsidy up to a maximum amount of MOP170,000 to cover expenses for sample making and production of promotional materials.

IC launched the “Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making” in 2013, in order to promote the development of Macao’s fashion design industry. This year, a total of 27 entries were received, of which more than 60% of the entrants have already registered trademarks for their fashion brands and about 50% of the entries were submitted by new entrants. IC has organized a professional adjudicating panel to assess the entries based on criteria such as creativity and originality, the quality of chosen materials and workmanship, overall visual effects, market potential, feasibility and degree of perfection of the exhibition and business plan, as well as the rationale of budgeting.

The adjudicating panel was comprised of Victoria Kuan Chi Ping, Deputy Director-General of the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre; José Tang Kuan Meng, member of the Committee of Cultural Industries and Vice President of the Industrial Association of Macau; and Robert Lai, a Macao veteran fashion designer. The adjudicating panel observed significant improvement in the level of works submitted by the entrants this year. Not only has the programme content become more comprehensive, but also the number of entries has increased by 40% compared to last year.

Entrants selected for the second review are (in arbitrary order): Wong Man I, Tong Pak Chong, Kuong Chi Fong, Chan Sio Long, Ding Zhen, Leong Man Teng, Wong Ha, Liu En Ge, Cordova Celestino Maria, Oliveros Yam Vanessa, Tam Nga Teng, Lao Ka Weng, Lai Ka Pou, Choi Nga Teng, Chan Nga Leong. IC will notify the entrants by telephone and email. The date and venue for the second review will be announced in due course.

Entrants shall produce a sample based on the selected work for the second interview in their applications, and present it to the adjudicating panel during the second review on a model of their choice (make-up and hair design must be compatible with the overall modelling). Entrants shall also introduce their works and answer questions raised by the adjudicating panel in person. Following the second review, entrants may apply for a subsidy up to a maximum amount of MOP12,000 to reimburse the expenses incurred on sample making and presentation. The adjudicating panel will select a maximum of eight individuals or teams as the beneficiaries of the programme. Each of them may receive a subsidy up to a maximum amount of MOP170,000 for sample production and promotional materials of the selected entries. Details of the programme are available on the Cultural Affairs Bureau website ( and the Macao Cultural and Creative Industries Website ( For enquiries, please call Ms. Lam, staff member of IC through tel. (853) 8399 6205 during office hours.