Cultural Affairs Bureau launches pilot version of the Filming Permit Application Platform to facilitate film and television productions in Macao

Date of publication: 25/11/2021
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) has launched a pilot version of the Filming Permit Application Platform to facilitate filming units to apply for filming permits through the online platform, and also to allow to check the progress of the applications. The platform will provide a more efficient, user-friendly and business-friendly electronic channel for the film and television industry to handle enquiries and applications of filming permits, helping to promote the development of Macao’s film and television production industry.

  Since 2017, IC has been working with ten government departments (the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Sports Bureau, the Customs, the Fire Services Bureau, the Public Security Police Force, the Judiciary Police, the Transport Bureau, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Marine and Water Bureau, and the Municipal Affairs Bureau) to provide services for filming permit applications and to coordinate the applications for the production and directing of feature films, documentaries and advertisements in Macao (“Filming Permit” in short). In order to promote the digitalisation of services of public concern and enhance the application procedures, IC has coordinated with the ten referred government departments to establish the Filming Permit Application Platform. At present, the pilot version of the online platform provides more than ten applications for filming-related projects. Applicants can submit applications, check the progress of their applications and receive replies from the relevant departments by logging into the online platform using their “Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR” accounts. The online platform also provides information on more than 20 filming-related projects for the industry.

  IC will continue to listen to the views of the industry and maintain communication with the relevant departments to further enhance the platform’s functions. For application procedures and details, please visit IC’s “Filming Permit Application Platform” website ( For enquiries, please contact Ms Cheong or Mr Chong, IC staff members, at 8399 6280 or 8399 6256 during office hours.