Thirty-seventh issue of C2 discusses the changes in cultural and creative industry brought by blockchain technology

Date of publication: 07/02/2020
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Published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and produced by Like Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd., the thirty-seventh issue of C2 Magazine will be released on 12th  February. 

With the deepening and popularization of blockchain technology, relevant applications have been introduced to the cultural and creative industries, bringing more room for further development. In the “Feature” section, Prof. Wang Zhong, associate dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the City University of Macao, is invited to draw us a clear picture of blockchain applications in the cultural and creative industry and the impact of blockchain on business models.

“teamLab SuperNature”, a brand new interactive experience project, is coming to The Venetian Macao. In the “Local Force” section, representative of the Sands China Ltd. introduces the characteristics of this project and the idea behind the design. Cheok Lei, a Macao-born advertisement director, currently lives and works in Shanghai. His excellent advertisements have won a number of International awards, which makes him get the favours of many International brands and stand out in the advertisement industry. In the “Opinion” section, Lei talks about ups and downs of his career and the advertisement industry inside out. In the “Brand story” section, two founders as well as the designers of local design company Chiii Design share their entrepreneur and business experiences and their way to explore overseas markets for the purpose of getting recognition by International brands. In the “Blogs” section, seven columnists, namely Lo Che Ying, Tracy Choi, Lam Sio Man, Un Sio San, Ron Lam, Yap Seow Choong and Johnny Tam continue to share their unique perspectives on the development of the cultural and creative industries.

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