Applications for the “5th Subsidy Programme for the Production of Original Song Albums” of the Cultural Affairs Bureau open from 17 August

Date of publication: 16/07/2020
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The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) is accepting applications for the “5th Subsidy Programme for the Production of Original Song Albums” from 17 August until 30 September at 5:30pm and local music creators and producers are welcome to participate. This year’s Programme comprises two categories: the album category and the mini album category, with each selected album being granted a subsidy of up to MOP270,000 and MOP135,000 respectively, as well as professional advice from members of the jury. The subsidy will be given to a maximum of three and six beneficiaries for the album and mini album categories respectively.

The Programme aims to cultivate more music talents in Macao, support the production and promotion of original song albums, encourage musicians to produce and release more outstanding works and lay the groundwork for market development. Applicants for the album category of the Programme must assume the role of album producer or album artist as individuals, co-producers, group producers, singing groups or bands; applicants for the mini album category of the Programme must assume the role of album artist as individuals, singing groups or bands. Applicants for the Programme must hold a valid Macao S.A.R. Permanent Resident Identity Card and be aged 18 or above, and comply with the regulations as specified in the “Application Rules of the Programme”.

Compilations or greatest hits albums are not included in this Programme. The adjudicating panel will select the beneficiaries and albums through the first and the second reviews, based on the following criteria: budget rationale, degree of perfection of production proposal, degree of perfection of album publicity and promotional plan, compatibility between the album, album image and market positioning, level of composition and lyrics, level of arrangement and production, performance level of the album artist, as well as implementation capacity of the applicant and the crew. The Programme will cover the costs of song production, cover design and marketing for the album.

The Programme’s information, regulations and application forms can be downloaded on  IC’s website ( or on the Macao Cultural and Creative Industries Website ( Applicants should submit all required documents to the Cultural Affairs Bureau Building in Tap Siac Square, Macao, within the designated period of time. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Chong or Mr. Lo, staff members of IC, through tel. no. (853) 8399 6265 and (853) 8399 6275 during office hours.