Macao Public Library launches book delivery service

Date of publication: 15/12/2020
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In response to the policy direction of the “Ten-Year Plan for Rehabilitation Services of the Macao Special Administrative Region from 2016 to 2025” and in order to promote reading habits by continuously improving library services and facilitating groups in need to use library resources, the Macao Public Library, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, launched a book delivery service targeting social welfare institutions that provide rehabilitation services, non-profit organizations and schools. At present, the Library has received service applications from two social welfare institutions, two schools and one home for the elderly. Interested organizations are welcome to apply for the service.

The book delivery service enables patrons to request books to be delivered from the Library to the office of non-profit organizations and schools, as well as the residence of people with disabilities, hoping to promote the utilization of library resources through facilitation measures. The Library has already sent invitations to local social welfare institutions that provide rehabilitation services. Interested non-profit organizations or schools in Macao can also apply for the service by writing to the Library. Upon approval of the application, an account will be opened with a validity period of ten years, and renewals will be accepted.

Any organization that has successfully applied for the service and needs to borrow books in batches must select borrowable books from one of the branch libraries or the Central Book Stack, or select books online from the Macao Public Library Catalogue. The Library will then arrange delivery of the books. The whole process is simple and convenient. A maximum of 200 library items can be borrowed each time for a period of 60 days calculated from the check-out date. Members with disabilities referred by social welfare institutions that provide rehabilitation services can also have library items delivered to their residence. They can borrow a maximum of 5 library items for a period of 14 days from the check-out date, and the items can be renewed once.

The aforementioned organizations must send the borrowed library items to their members or students free of charge, and are responsible for taking care of the items. The handling of late returns, book damages or losses are subject to the Macao Public Library’s regulations. For enquiries, please contact the Macao Public Library through tel. no. 2837 7117 during office hours or visit the Macao Public Library’s website at