Macao Museum of the Cultural Affairs Bureau launches a new website

Date of publication: 08/02/2021
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The Macao Museum, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, launched a new version of its official website with more interactive elements, including a virtual exhibition space and a 720-degree display of selected collections. The new version also contains information on about 300 collections, enabling visitors to share information on valuable collections instantly and further enhancing the promotion of electronic access to cultural and museum resources.

The website of the Macao Museum ( remains unchanged. The desktop version of the website has been updated, and the browsing experience on mobile devices has also been improved. The webpage is supported in four languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Portuguese and English, respectively. With more interactive elements, including a virtual exhibition space and a 720-degree display of selected collections, residents and overseas visitors who are unable to visit the museum in person can visit the new website to visualise the “cloud exhibition” without additional software installation. In line with the development of social media platforms, the new website also provides a real-time sharing function, allowing visitors to share their favourite collections with friends and relatives with just one click. The number of collections on the website will continue to increase in the future. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the museum has designed a free e-card of the Year of the Ox for the public to send their best wishes to friends and relatives electronically.

The Macao Museum will be open as usual during the Chinese New Year, with free admission from the Chinese New Years’ Eve to the 5th day of the Lunar New Year, and is currently holding a special exhibition “Memory of the Past – Exhibition of the Macao Museum Postcards Collection”. The Cultural Affairs Bureau will strictly follow the related anti-epidemic guidelines of the Health Bureau and implement appropriate arrangements for the museum space. All visitors must wear face masks, undergo body temperature checks and present a “Macao Health Code” of the day. For the latest information about the Cultural Affairs Bureau, please visit the website, IC’s official WeChat Account “IC_Art_Macao” and “IC Art” page on Facebook.