Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau launches 26th issue of Books and the City

Date of publication: 27/04/2021
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The 26th issue of Books and the City, published by the Macao Public Library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is now available to the public. Themed “Nourishment of Reading”, this issue of Books and the City features three senior writers from different fields, sharing their personal experiences on how to discover a new self from the inside out through reading from the perspective of communication studies, spiritual growth and art of liberation.

In this issue, the “Library Portrait” column features an interview with visual arts educators in Macao, who address how to learn and appreciate the subtleties of Chinese characters from different perspectives and activities; the section “Library Handbook” introduces a vivid and interesting new column, entitled “Behind the Library”, on the Macao Public Libraries website, introducing the actual job duties and stories of several library staff members who make valuable contributions without being seen by the public; the section “Library Wonder Why” introduces the book delivery service of the Macao Public Libraries for the use of organizations with special needs; the section “Author’s Say” reveals the little secret behind the comics book Acts and Deeds by local illustrator Lin Ge; the section “New Launch” introduces a rich variety of new arrivals, including books, movies, music and magazines. In addition, this issue also features 10 briefs yet insightful book reviews in Chinese, Portuguese and English.

A total of 3,000 copies of Books and the City are available free of charge at all the branch libraries under the Cultural Affairs Bureau, tertiary education institutions, Tap Seac Gallery, and several bookstores as well as cultural and art spaces in Macao. The past 25 issues are also accessible on the Macao Public Library website at